Respected friends from all walks of life:

How do you do!

You are welcome to visit our company's website. Here, on behalf of all staff of Luohe double leaf Stationery Co., Ltd., I would like to convey my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to all the new and old customers and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the double leaf stationery business.

We double people with common ideals and goals of double reunion in the home, in their respective positions of hard work; double people should continue to uphold the principle of "quality of survival, promoting management efficiency, credibility for customers" business purposes in customer service, continue to deepen the internal reform of the management system, and continuously improve staff quality, maintain friendly relations and cooperation with friends from all walks of life, to provide quality products and sincere service to customers. The company insist on "but is", give full play to the individual person, at the same time, more emphasis on team spirit, always emphasize consciously safeguard the company's reputation and brand; adhere to the strict standard, fair and scientific management at the same time, more emphasis on the good faith, the credibility of the first. Our management focus on the upper and lower harmony, the internal and external satisfaction of the principle of integration, our pursuit is to make customers satisfied, let customers rest assured.

Our products all over the country, but also exported to the international market, won the new and old customers praise and praise, continuously enhance the competitiveness of the market, sales network gradually improved, the rapid growth of sales, has become an emerging force in the domestic and international market of office stationery industry. In the future, we are full of pride and ambition. The future of double leaves is full of new opportunities, new challenges, new hopes and new gains. Opportunities and challenges, we will adhere to the "double play hard pioneer spirit; carry forward the spirit of diligence and frugality; carry forward the spirit of dedication; strict implementation of ISO9001 management system;; the spirit of high quality and high level of continuous improvement purposes, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, striving for the first-class brand stationery industry. Thank you for coming to the two leaf stationery website!